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Over the years the range of products and services which we provide has grown, yet the provision of custom software development remains the cornerstone of what we do. The clients we work with have a range of business needs and requirements from their IT solutions. However, there are a few constants across the client base. The need to adopt software which will improve the performance of the business and assist in remaining profitable are key requirements.

Internet Marketing & SEO

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is today one of the most effective online marketing methods and it is a process of carrying out a fully integrated marketing plan involving social sites. Through social media marketing, business owners now can connect to their target markets directly and effectively and in creative ways too. The growth of social media and social sites have created opportunities for business owners to directly communicate with their customers and on a more personal level.

So What Happens during Social Media Marketing?

Social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are hugely popular platforms which are easily accessible to anyone at no cost. As such, there are millions of consumers who are active on such sites, opening doors for business owners to utilize the opportunity to increase their brand awareness and to communicate with their target consumers. Moreover, social media sites are relatively inexpensive platforms to conduct marketing campaigns, making it feasible for organizations of various sizes to compete on common ground.

Social media marketing campaigns usually revolve around the creation of unique content that generates attention and conversations. Such content generates not only interest but encourages members to share it with the social networks they are part of. As the content spreads from one to another, it not only gains attention but it gains attention for the creator behind it.

Why does your company need Social Media

Facebook marketing services

Facebook is a massive advertising platform and we can help you take advantage of this by connecting with thousands of Facebook users who make up your potential target consumers through a Facebook page which we create for you. When used effectively, Facebook becomes a great tool to use to spread a message. We will develop and execute on a strategy to produce high-quality, entertaining content and campaigns that help you attract and reach out to social media users.

Twitter marketing services

Twitter is an effective social marketing tool and you can begin earning from the Twitter marketing boom. Don't know much about Twitter? It is an essential tool for anyone to engage its audience and to build a conversation with them. Twitter is one such site that can help you boost your social media marketing campaigns and we can help you gain followers on Twitter whom you can tweet your marketing messages to! It has the potential to become your organisation's greatest marketing tool in a short period of time. We will not only create a Twitter profile but design a custom background that reflects your brand well. Through using Twitter, we will create a community and following around your company brand.

YouTube marketing services

Are your YouTube videos not getting any viewerships? Not to worry, because we have the ability to improve your YouTube marketing efforts and make sure your video gets targeted views! With YouTube getting over one billion views per day, no social media marketing campaign is complete without marketing on YouTube. The simple fact is that it's an all-powerful online marketing medium that should not be cast aside in your marketing efforts. And we will create a video channel for you and create targeted viewership right to your video page!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of optimizing your website and its pages for the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and it is such an important aspect that many website owners tend to forgo its importance. The main idea behind SEO is to get your website ranked in the First page of Google search results, getting you organic (natural) traffic.

Why is SEO so important for any websites?

When people search on Google, they usually do not click beyond the first page of search results. Hence, by ranking your website in the first page for a keyword which is highly related to your business offering, visitors who get to your website via the search engines will be very targeted visitors and consumers. They are looking to get information or to purchase products and services on what they are searching for online. And for you the business owner, that means getting targeted, ready buyers of your products and services.

Here are just a few benefits on getting organic web visitors from the search engines:

The web traffic comes free. Save on advertising costs spent on offline media Save on online advertising costs spent on avenues like pay-per-click advertising through Google Adwords, banner advertising etc. Reach out to target market who are ready consumers Creates an impression amongst consumers when you are ranked in the top position of search results People trust search engines and their results and so people are more inclined to click on organic search results rather than paid advertising links

How do we do it?

What we specialize in is online market research where we determine the keywords which your target consumers are searching for, in the search engines. After doing detailed analysis of the search patterns of your consumers, we will then increase your website's relevance (in relation to these keywords) through various optimization strategies. This will boost your website's rankings in the organic search results for the keywords which are related to your business offering.

In addition, we will analyze your website and its content and ensure that your website is properly optimized in order to get the best results on the search engines. As Web Visibility Strategists, our job is to help you make sure that your website gets ahead of your competitors on the search engines .

Moreover, we use a variety of on-site and off-site optimization techniques which will enable your website to improve its Google rankings in the shortest time possible.